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  • Master the art of public speaking

  • Learn how to manage your emotions for powerful presentations

  • Engage your audience every time you speak

  • Excel in your pitches

  • Become a master of persuasion in every business encounter

The alliance of two worlds: business and humor.

A unique approach based on an in-depth knowledge of both fields.

Training in speaking at an interview, presentation, or conference.

Individual professional coaching at every stage of your career, while starting a new job, looking for a new position, looking for a job, and many other professional challenges.

Group coaching to initiate a concrete and lasting change, unite your team members towards new objectives, or generate a fresh breath following a crisis.

Be authentic and professional, and observe your professional challenges from a new angle and with humor.

Be a voice, not an echo



Laurels & Co offers you individual or group coaching to improve your speaking skills, whatever the size of your audience. You will gain fluidity, confidence, and authenticity.

The training courses of Laurels & Co offer you a set of tools and techniques of communication, resulting from the medium of the company and that of the comedians, like the storytelling, the crowd work, the management of the stress or the unforeseen ones and well of others, thus supporting greater ease at the time of your speeches.

The training courses are structured in 3 axes:


Physical and mental preparation


The content and form of the speech


Communication of the message and interaction with the audience

The training modules are tailor-made according to the objective to be reached, and the number of participants and can be carried out remotely or in person.

Our public speaking training

Dare to speak in public

Gain in confidence and impact when you speak

Master your Oral Presentations

Become a confident, convincing and captivating communicator

Boost your Pitch

Master the art of creating powerful pitches

Master your Radio Interventions

Master your television appearances

Individual Coaching

A module tailored to your speaking needs

Our last services were for

Personalized coaching


Laurels & Co helps individuals and teams to achieve their professional and personal goals. An approach adapted to each situation allows us to achieve concrete results. An approach adapted to each situation allows us to achieve concrete results.

Individual Coaching

If you are looking for a clarification of your professional situation, want a promotion, internal mobility, or initiate a professional transition!

Laurels & Co offers stimulating, intrepid coaching adapted to your situation, delivering tangible and lasting results.

Team coaching

If you wish to improve the cohesion of your team, initiate a substantial and perennial change, federate your team members towards new objectives, or generate a fresh breath following a crisis!

Laurels & Co accompanies your team with dynamism, audacity, humor, and professionalism towards new horizons.


Quitterie Pallain-Dulau


Quitterie Pallain-Dulau offers you an approach to coaching and training in public speaking based on combining corporate codes and humorists’ techniques.

With dynamism, Quitterie helps you reach your professional and personal goals if you wish to give new momentum to your career, consolidate a new position, to gain ease and efficiency when speaking, or bring a new dimension to your professional career.

Her warm, challenging nature, humor, strong listening skills, and extensive knowledge of business and professional change give a unique dimension to her coaching.

Quitterie Pallain-Dulau has spent her career in multinational companies in the fields of human resources, professional coaching, and training. She also has a real passion for writing, performing and acting. She is the author of podcasts and the one-woman show “Quitterie sort Dulau”.